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19 Aug 2018

Above My Expectations

Hi Tony

What can I say? I’m brought to tears by this to be honest. In a good way. 

I’ve sold more properties in the UK than I care to count, having had 15 investment properties at one stage before moving to Australia 10 years ago. Lost a lot of money in the financial crises and walked away with a small amount of money. Since moving here I’ve redeveloped 3 houses and sold/ reinvested and worked my ass off to get back on my feet financially. 

The story is though I felt in every other sale, I was the one making the marketing work. Pushing agents to focus photography etc, rewriting the sales pitch online and still having to pay them as if they had done the work.

I think the universe has sent me an angel. That’s you. This advertisement you have created is above my expectations Tony. I knew when I met you, you were on the ball and now I’m so content in knowing you will do the best for both of us in the sale and I don’t feel like just another client on your list.  

I don’t know how to commend you high enough than to say this is an outstanding job, and I look forward to working through this sale with you and anything else that comes from this in my future.

If you ever want to use this feedback for testimonials please feel free to do so.

Kind regards